Art of Spiritual Direction

The course The Art of Spiritual Direction provides an opportunity to learn the

gentle art of listening, noticing, deepening, challenging and celebrating ~  spiritual accompaniment.

Do others naturally come to you to share their hopes and fears about their faith journey?

From your own experience of receiving spiritual direction, do you sense an invitation to come alongside others?

Perhaps now is the time for you to commit to acquiring the skills and disciplines, the self-awareness and understandings, you need in order to accompany others?


This one year programme of approximately 70 hours uses an interactive and practical approach to learning, with case studies, practice triads, and reflective discussions. Your facilitators are experienced spiritual directors and themselves are directees: they too are learning how best to meet God in the circumstances of their lives.


This ancient art of spiritual accompaniment is not about learniWellng to be directive or give advice or solve life problems or even about coaching for better prayer performance! It is all about holding sacred space, about discerning together the voice of God, about drawing alongside …  the young adult in the prime of life or the weary burnt-out pilgrim, the faithful churchgoer of many years, or the sceptic wondering about violence and suffering  – who all equally long for a more intimate and authentic relationship with the Divine.



Before applying for this programme, you are encouraged to embark on the Diocese’s  spiritual formation programme, and a listening skills course, which are both ways to prepare for the director training.  Applicants also need to be meeting monthly with their own spiritual director, and take a silent retreat or a retreat in daily life.

The next course will run from September 2018 to July 2019.

Applications are received any time before:                     31st May 2018

The first day of the course is a workshop on Saturday 1st September, venue to be advised.

Session dates and venue are yet to be decided, but will either be in 3 terms of ten weekly midweek evening sessions with 3 Saturday workshops, OR a series of Saturday sessions (9am – 4pm) every 4 weeks.


Enquiries: email Lois at <>