Spiritual Direction

To get help finding a prayer guide, spiritual companion, or anamchara, contact Lissy at SpiritualDirectorCov@gmail.com  OR   go to Spiritual Directors International


For information on The Art of Spiritual Direction course for 2020 in Warwickshire, UK, see here.   Or contact Lois Baldwin at loisbaldwinz@gmail.com


For ongong professional development for spiritual directors, go to this event.


Spiritual direction is a centuries-the_open_roadold tradition that is gently and persistently growing in our faith community: the ancient art of the anamchara, a spiritual companion or guide. Modelled on God’s covenantal relationship with women and men in Jesus Christ, this spiritual art embodies mutual respect, trust and faithfulness – paying attention to God’s personal communication with us, responding and growing this intimate relationship, and supporting people to live out the consequences of this relationship.

People want help with the ‘God-dimension’ of their lives.  In the midst of a full life, many of us find it difficult to notice God’s presence, let alone sense a growing relationship with the Divine. When we are faced with a deep yearning, a decision to be made, a problem, or simply emptiness and boredom in prayer and Bible reading, companionship and support and understanding is at hand as we look again for God’s presence and action in our lives.