As well as a commitment to the neighbourhoods we live in,

we have a passion to work together in supportive teams

that model the love, care and community that Jesus spoke of.

We work with people, not just for them.

harvested field pilgrims




Trust in God at all times, people. Pour out your hearts to the Holy One.

For God alone my soul waits in silence.




We are in your presence O Holy One.
We take refuge in the loving community of the Trinity.
You are our protector in times of weakness
You are our freedom in seasons of strength

You are our companion in nights of sadness

You are our delight in days of joy

You are our vision in places of darkness

You are our still point in times of light


We are in your loving presence.

We bring our communities to take refuge in your embrace.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.


Sing      The kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in Holy Spirit

Come, Lord, and open in us, the gates of your kingdom. (Taize)





We exist in a web of relationships – with nature, people, God.  Let’s trace out these links … Silence


Some links are growing or vibrant. We feel delight, enthusiasm, hope.

We give thanks for the life that flows through them.      Pause


Some links are twisted or broken. We feel regret, anger, disappointment.

We grieve, and pray for the gifts of acceptance and forgiveness.       Pause


Grief, gratitude, forgiveness – we are a needy community.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.




Psalm 133         or         Ruth 1: 8-18        or         Luke 8: 1-3

Mark 2: 13-17                John 17: 20-26                1 John 4: 7-21

Silence for reflecting on the readings



: gospel contemplation

: group sculpture or community dance
: sing “Kingdom of Friends” (Dave Andrews)


Let’s hold in the light and love of God local neighbourhood, and especially today…

Silence or open prayer




Our God, you are Trinity, Community,

Unbroken relationship,

Love without beginning or end.

And most wonderful of all, you make room for us,

Drawing us in out of the cold,

Calling us friends.


As we come to you, you lead us to each other,

Into the security of belonging

And the risks of openness.

We will not attempt alone what we can do together.

With family and friends, team and neighbours,

With those we would prefer to avoid,

Help us live the reality of trust and forgiveness today.


In a world of conflict and loneliness

On earth as in heaven

Your Kingdom come!               Amen